How to Watch YouTube Videos Not Available in Your Country

The youtube app will use and to load some videos direct from the CDN (content network) and would need to be blocked on your domain list to block the youtube app fully. The app does not use Google's own DNS and will make DNS requests via OpenDNS as long as your network or device is configured as such. Access to YouTube videos with child abuse content blocked Access to YouTube videos with child abuse content blocked Ece Çelik-Istanbul. The Family, Labor and Social Services Ministry has taken legal action against four YouTube accounts broadcasting animations with child abuse contents. The videos posted on the platform have had many views, ranging from 300,000 to 4 million. YouTube video blocked in my country by SME. Tried every It had a song in it that made SME (most likely Sony Music Entertainment) automatically block it. It said it was blocked in my country, but a tool that determines what countries a video is blocked in said it was blocked everywhere except these countries I have never heard of in my life that probably don't have internet anyways. YouTube Says It Wrongly Blocked Some LGBT Videos In Mar 20, 2017

The blocked videos had anti-Hindu content. Following the recent video, a complaint was registered and Youtuber Surendran Natarajan was arrested at Ariyankuppam in Puducherry.

Chennai: Cops get 500 'anti-Hindu' YouTube videos blocked

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