Jul 23, 2015

Set-up a QNAP NAS from the beginning| NASpedia - YouTube Jan 16, 2019 Qnap First Time Installation, troubleshooting and FAQ 1 – Power On Nas Witout HDDs, and Dont Plug till Qnap Wants you to plug a HDD, 2 – Install Qnapfinder from www.qnap.com. 3 – A few minutes later, Qnapfinder should find your NAS. 4 – You can continiue installation bu double click on your nas, but My advice is, just type this IP …

Nov 09, 2018

Go to “Control Panel” > “System Settings” >”Network” > “TCP/IP” and press the “Edit” button to specify a fixed IP to the NAS: The default gateway should be the same as the LAN IP of your router, which is in our example. Install Surveillance Station. How to connect to your QNAP NAS - MSN Setting up a QNAP network-attached storage (NAS) server is a painless process. All you need to do is fire up the NAS, locate it on your network, and run through some initial configuration screens.

Jan 16, 2019

QNAP NAS Quick Setup Three methods are provided for you to install the NAS firmware. Login QTS and Start Intelligent Life After completing the installation process (or if your device has pre-installed firmware) you can connect to the NAS using Qfinder Pro. For more details on using Qfinder Pro, please see the tutorial.