Avaya desktop phones are designed to give your employees easy access to all that your Avaya UC platform or approved third-party UC platform can deliver. Reduce Cost of Deployment and Ownership Support for SIP and H.323 IP protocols help reduce infrastructure upgrade costs, and Avaya’s new Device Enrollment Services can significantly reduce

Any router pair will do - they don't have to be Cisco - and, yes, a VPN is the way to go. Certainly stick to a pair of routers that support a hardware VPN and, if possible, assign a static IP to the phone; DHCP will work but it's nice to know the exact IP of the phone for quick troubleshooting [SOLVED] IP Phone over VPN - Cisco - Spiceworks Jan 04, 2017 Connect a SV9100 IP Phone from a home / remote office This would be used if you have a NEC SV9100 at your office with IP capabilities and you want a remote worker to use a NEC IP phone from home or a remote location. This can be accomplished without a VPN. The attached images are for a SV8100 but they are very close. SIP Phone with VPN support built in.? Solutions | Experts All my phones "support PPTP/L2TP VPN client", once I have VPN running. :) Then I went to the company website, e3call.com, and found they only have two IP phones listed: IP300 and IP350. Couldn't find the GIP300 mentioned on voip-info.org. I downloaded IP300's spec sheet and found no mentioning of in-built VPN there. I say we keep looking

Internet VPN or MPLS for branch office IP phone communication? A cost-benefit analysis should be completed before making this decision for your branch office. Start by considering these pros and

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How to Configure Remote IP400 Series Phone with VPN

Application Notes for Configuring an VPN Tunnel using Avaya 9600 Series IP (H.323) phones. The phones, at the home offices, are used DHCP to obtain their IP address. Initially, the phones are assigned with IP address on the network by their local router. When the phones are establish with a VPN tunnel, they are assigned with IP address on the network.