To cloak or mask your affiliate link, you need to go to Bitly. Once you have registered for an account, just click on the Create button at the top right as shown below: After that, just paste the long URL in the box, and Bitly will create a shortened version as shown below:

If your Hoplink was constructed correctly, your affiliate nickname will appear there. It is a good practice to regularly check this flow to ensure you receive proper credit for sales. Hoplink theft is not common. If you suspect it is happening, you can report it to and our security team will investigate. By cloaking your Jun 15, 2019 · Clearly, I’ve found one way NOT to promote affiliate links on Facebook. Perhaps there is a better way, but I’m still searching for it. From what I see, my engagement rate would go way down every time I posted an affiliate link. So, if you want to quickly kill the engagement of your audience, post more affiliate links. Feb 29, 2008 · i made a small post about cloaking affiliate links on also made a few links to othwer useful sites. i always cloak affiliate links as i think that not only webmaster types but also any normal people see longer URL's and dont trust them as much as they do a short explanative url. I can see the pros and cons of each so I'd be interested to know what you use for your affiliate links and why. I don't think there's a right or wrong answer here, it really depends on how your site is set up (layout, purpose, etc), but I'm curious to know your opinions, especially if you've run an experiment to test how this affects conversion

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Dec 14, 2018 · Start Cloaking WordPress Affiliate Links Today. Cloaking affiliate links on your site is just generally a good practice. As long as your affiliate program allows it (which most do), cloaking your affiliate links: Is better for visitors because your links look more trustworthy and make it clear where the visitor will end up.

Mar 04, 2017 · Hi guys, newbie here, is it allowed to cloak aff clickbank links? I'm not talking about shorten links like bitly. I'm talking about using my own domain to mask vendor domain. The reason I'm asking that is because the product that i want to promote is blocked in facebook and twitter. so i want to use my own domain. Thanks in advance.

He created a video to explain very easily how to cloak your affiliate links using a free tool, G-Lock Affiliate Link Cloaker. This topic is extremely important for affiliate marketers since cloaking your links is a technique you can use to: Protect your commissions from theft. How Link Cloaking Makes Affiliate Marketing Easier. This is by far the best reason to cloak your links. The reason is simple…it’s easier to change your affiliate link one time, rather than having to change it dozens (or even hundreds) of places. What if your affiliate program changed the links to its products or closed business? Unless you’re comfortable with database editing, it’d be a big chore to go back through all your posts and change the links. If you use a plugin like Simple URLs to cloak your links, you only have to change the link in one place—very convenient. 4.